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Irish food blog, Meade's Menu with chef Gerard Meade

“You are very welcome to my website. This is a page with a difference. It is essentially about my own lifelong joy of writing in order to give you the viewer a good read on a subject we are both so passionate about.   

   I am simply sharing my insights and experiences around food for your pleasure. I am not trying to sell you stuff or plug my business. Its primarily a blog covering just about any aspect of food and cooking. 

  On my other platforms linked below you might sample titbits like my feedback from a meal I ate, a try out of a new place or product, a seasonal recipe, maybe about someone special I met or something in the food news that caught my eye. 

  Meade's Menu will do exactly what it says on the tin, its a carte blanche with whatever comes into my head or tummy for that matter. You'll never know what my specials of the day are. One thing is for sure it will be interesting and entertaining. Tuck in! 

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Advice to food lovers whose appetite for new information on diet and eating just keeps growing, the consistent and quality content here will satisfy that hunger. 



With my professional background and vast exposure from forty years in the food sector I really have the credibility to truly educate the public on this subject.


I know I can find the right words and style for what I want to say about food in a clear and articulate manner so whatever you see here will be easily digestible. 


I give my own personal and informed perspectives without any commercial allegiance so its my best informed and honest shot you will get every time. 


These days I can stand back from the food world and examine it from the outside looking in, its a place I know so well, so you are very welcome to it, come on in then and let me show you around. 


Gerard Meade

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