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BRAIN WAVE 3/11/21


There is one plant that is now definitely worth investing in and not just for bringing delicious flavouring to your cooking. Rosemary is already known for its antioxidants, digestive aiding qualities, skincare and even good for cognition and memory as yet another type of brain food.

Even Shakespeare quotes its benefits in one of his plays so it has been known for centuries that it has special properties. It’s a hardy herb that will grow outside all year and inside too. What is interesting now is that the aroma of it, like just having its scent linger around your airspace might be another benefit again to this wonder herb.

Research into dementia and Alzheimer’s has found that patients had a stabilising or improvement of conditions when exposed to both rosemary oil and aroma. Aromatherapy has long advocated it of course. One of the compounds in rosemary acts similar to the commercial drugs used for dementia. Tests were done on elderly volunteers a while back after they had rosemary permeate their rooms and they performed significantly better in little mental tests after this than they did before they were exposed to the plant or oil from it.

So it might be no harm at all to have a nice big rosemary plant sitting around the house so that not only will you be inclined to sprinkle some in your soups and sauces but all the while it will be working away on your brain keeping you sharp and from losing any more of those valuable brain cells.

During winter it’s also nice not to have to navigate your garden to get a few sprigs of it when you can just snip a few of them from your potted indoor supply for jazzing up those roast potatoes or joint of meat. The only thing is as a Mediterranean plant it needs a bit of care and attention to survive indoors so make sure you check up on that front from the garden expert in your life or you might end up with a plant casualty.

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