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It’s that time of year when everyone is on their health blitz to get into shape for the sunny days ahead. The fact is that we are mammals and we must rest over winter to use up all that fuel we consumed last year. We are genetically programmed from millions of years to top it up on again when we get out of the traps in Spring and eat like mad again as the bears do to regain weight after hibernation. I try my best at hibernation.

The problem is we consume all year nonstop now and even more so in winter so the bad news is we are going to get bigger and bigger and crash diets from a money grabbing and voracious healthfood/diet sector just do not work, which for the most part is well proven now. So the obesity issue is currently a one way inequality street to misery. For those in that camp it has to be an all year round complete lifestyle change or bust, literally. Your January regime must actually go all the way to December and forever after if you stand the teeniest chance of any success.

Obesity is pretty much a gene issue too so everyone actually has to figure out their own eating equation. One size does not fit all. I have been asked about dieting for years and I sum it up in my one sentence diet mantra, eat what you like but with minimum carbs from lunchtime onwards and try to burn each day what you consume, oh and ditch all you have ever previously read on the subject.

Now on the other end of the diet scale so to speak are the Genzedders and the mass hypnosis from social media addiction to fake information and dubious products meaning they have been bamboozled and lied to into a contorted image, photo shopped and diet conscious parallel universe leading to the serious detriment of their real world health. Again, it’s too late now as growing up in a virtual existence on screens with no ability now to speak face to face or even write anymore means communication is severely stunted by resorting to emoji language and even live emoji expressions of late replacing actual speech, bringing us literally back to stone age sign language of the caveman. If you have kids in your life like this well good luck with that, I do not envy you, it is at the point of no return. .

It also means the subject of food and eating is now also sadly gone off the rails for this generation all while still wanting to save the planet and look perfect. Don’t mention though that avocados and almonds are probably two of the most un-ecoconscious foods. I recall one supermarket tagline promising they went all the way around the world to bring the foods to us all year, climate change me hat. The food industry is equally culpable. The body shaming and influencer culture has everyone trapped now as well and the future young adults will arrive in their middle age riddled with malnourishment and misinformation meaning a life of misery and self harm for them too.

So what to do? Well one relation has decided to close all their social media channels and going back to the phone being just a phone. Digital detoxing will not wash with the youth of today however and the social media platforms need as many clicks as possible. Education is the key but with the peddling of real food facts and not the lies. Government guidance is no longer valued nor the diktats of the conventional medics so of course the internet comes out on top and that is a road to nowhere. Food and eating is meant to be sustaining and satisfying not a life of torture and tyranny.

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