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Since time immemorial mankind has sought food and drink that will bring on the butterflies and get you all hot and bothered for the much sought after afters. The Celts had their famous honey wine, coincidently called Mead, that couples guzzled on their wedding night and if a baby for born nine months later the Mead maker was rewarded. It is where the word honeymoon comes from in fact. The Celts also downed a few pints of it before any battles to sum up the courage for a fight. Not far removed then from our rowdy Saturday nights these days.

The Romans and Greeks had their wine and a few glasses of the red stuff will also set pulses racing. The French know a flute or five of their Champagne will definitely let all defences fall to the floor. So now that we have the drinks flowing to get you going what about the grub?

Well, everyone talks about oysters being an aphrodisiac and I guess you will have to try them for yourself if you never have. They have the zinc which is an important mineral for men to have in their armour and dopamine which will help everyone get a bit jovial. They are an acquired taste however and if someone has an unwittingly allergic reaction to shell fish then you might be carting someone off to a hospital bed instead, so do a medical check before you feed these bad boys to any unsuspecting lover.

Truffles, the mushroom variety, are said to be good for a boost too so maybe it’s worth splashing out the few extra bucks to have these pungent fungi on your menu. Asparagus with its potassium is well known too to aid hormone production so you might consider this as vegetable or starter but it is out of season. Likewise avocados are high in b vitamins giving an energy kick and a testosterone injection for the boys. Rocket leaves some research has said will also help your engine fire on all cylinders.

From the spice rack cinnamon is the one with the racy reputation as its manganese helps the virility of blokes but ginger also does the business giving lots of revving up. Chilli is known to get the adrenaline pumping as well so a sprinkle of this in your recipe might be worth the heat generated.

From the herbs its basil with its intoxicating scent said to help the blood flow a bit faster. Fruits like cherries, figs and strawberries are also known to stimulate the senses. Chocolate especially the high cocoa dark one is not so bad either for getting the excitement levels up and combining all of these together you might well be getting some satisfaction.

Now nuts are good too, especially pine nuts, almonds and walnuts with healthy oils to keep all those moving parts in motion. Honey is not just good in its wine version but in its natural form too and the Romans and Greeks were using it generously for its positive side effects.

So now that you have all the ingredients you just have to get them into a menu that is going to be worth all the effort. The main thing is not to overeat, keep the dishes quick to prepare and simple and just focus on the quality of the ingredients. All food will satiate the appetite and once it is eaten slowly, enjoyed for its taste and textures and washed down with moderate amounts of alcohol then there should be no stopping you. So get the mood music on, lights off, candles lit and let yourself be all consumed by the food and drinks of love.

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