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OUT OF ORDER 22/11/21

RESTAURANTS RIGHT TO SHOW UNRULY CUSTOMERS THE EXIT DOOR I was looking how some restaurants in the UK who had to ask customers unwilling to follow covid guidelines to leave the premises and even having to call the police when it got a bit confrontational. It turns out that after a few glasses of vino some punters were not so vigilant with the safety for themselves or the fellow diners never mind the staff. We have not had many cases here like this yet, to my knowledge but don’t hold your breath as the pressure is on to check every covid pass now. When we do get back into full swing dining rooms will be having restrictions for another year or so I reckon, so we are bound to get the odd idiot messing up the night out for everyone. Of course there were many instances long before covid where the more publicity hungry chefs and restaurateurs made sure they grabbed headlines by throwing out customers after asking for salt, chips or well done steaks. Some customers come in to a place already in a foul mood or the worse for wear with alcohol or drugs when you can see they are going to be difficult or cause trouble by snapping fingers and being curt with the staff. I have had a few hairy moments with one diner going crazy as he saw a cameraman discreetly film some footage of the dining room and it turns out he was on the run and worried he would be spotted. I have had a few dishes come back with angry customers just not happy with the plate and making more and more unreasonable demands like cooking a steak tartare or insisting the wine was corked when it was actually fine. I never had to ask a guest to leave but you would wonder if some of the more famous stunts were set up. A place is guaranteed the front page if it chucks a celebrity out on the pavement and the restaurant would end up being booked out for weeks afterwards with the whole thing snapped by the paparazzi perhaps having being tipped off by a press agent. Some chefs would be very insulted when their beautiful dishes were automatically sprinkled with extra salt after every ingredient had already been seasoned perfectly. This was well depicted by comedian Lenny Henry in a brilliant scene from his TV series Chef, still available online to view if you get a chance. The old saying that the customer is always right just does not wash with highly strung egotistical, insecure chefs and when they own the joint too then all bets are totally off, even the maitre d’ will not protect you if you get on the wrong side of the kitchen. There was even one restaurant in Australia who issued a guide to behaviour in their premises and I know of another grumpy owner kicking a diners chair to sit up straight. So the rule of thumb is to be polite, whatever the house rules are you abide by especially in times of covid, don’t raise your voice, don’t get hammered and if you are in a foul mood, just think of your friends and staff having to put up with your antics, so for all concerned it would be better if you just stayed at home and called it a day. And chefs tip of the day is never ever ask for the salt!

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