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I was intrigued when living on the continent how ordinary people were fixated about how they wanted to be in control of their morning movements and wishing to have them as regular as clockwork in order to get out the door on time and still not to be inconvenienced on say their commutes to work. It was not unusual for whole swathes of a population to pop a pill to enable this punctuality giving their digestive system its daily prompt to perform on the loo when requested. Those who bring a book to the toilet really know what they are doing; there can be no rushing such an important part of our ablutions.

  For me the body has its own natural timing and intuition for this aspect of living a healthy life. Our diet also should provide the necessary food and drink so that our plumbing will not get blocked in its processes or speeded up for that matter in the normal course of our day. Sometimes things will go awry of course but usually after a couple of days and some adjustments things will get back to normal. Your system needs to be given time and patience for any recovery. It is a living organism and should be treated with respect.

Our bodies love routine and when you suddenly decide to break away from the schedule it’s used to, well of course there are going to be changes that you may not have bargained for. If you decide to go on big bender during a weekend of celebration, eating and drinking at all hours of the day and night while trying foods you never normally touch and sleeping in the afternoon.

So do not expect things to flow perfectly when you wake up on Monday morning to start your working week. For a life of shift work and virtually no routine then the body will have made its own mind up on how to react to situations and one just has to adapt to the fact that things will never be regular. When a bit of help is needed however then nature has actually got plenty of natural stimulants to get things moving or slow things up. Fruits like oranges, prunes, pineapples, rhubarb, kiwis, mangoes and apples really help the gut and prevent constipation. You are much better with these in your body than over the counter drugs.

  Vegetables too can make a great job of keeping the intestines in check. The likes of broccoli, beans, peas and lentils will make sure things do not get held up in the piping. Wholemeal and fibrous foods are an essential part of a good diet and the more raw ingredients you consume the better your gut health will be. The problem we have these days is that ultra processed and fast foods dominate our diets so there is nothing but trouble ahead on the toilet for a lot of people.

   Liquids are essential too, not just a litre or so of water a day but tea can be very helpful as well. One of the best things to do is to give the whole machine a break and just flush out the whole operation out with a good detoxification. It is perfectly okay to skip a meal too, tummies love a rest from working so hard and they have never had it so bad in the history of humanity. There is such a huge increase in medical conditions associated with our bowels that it simply cannot be a coincidence. What we are asking the body to deal with now is just too much for it to handle.

   Education and motivation to stay healthy is the key but the food industry and government regulation has decided that they are going to see how far they can abuse our bodies by letting as much junk to be consumed as possible. Just because something has been permitted to eat or drink does not mean it is actually good for you. It might be safe and may not kill you, just yet, but in the long term you and you only can decide what goes into your mouth so the next time you are sitting not so pretty on that seat have a long, hard think of what you ate that has you in that position.

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